My First Knitted Scarf


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This awesome stripy scarf was given to a very special person in my life and it was my very first finished knitted item of clothing. Really modern colours from lime green to a lovely grey, deep blue and maroon. It was the perfect Christmas gift although it took me an age to finish! Still a favourite though!ImageImage



Knitted Miniature Lost Glove Pattern


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Design and knit your own miniature lost glove:

Cast on 20 sts using 2mm dbl pointed needles

Divide sts onto 3 needles 5sts 1st needle 10sts 2nd needle 5sts 3rd needle


Close the circle

Knit stocking stitch in the round until wrist measures 2.5 cm


Once you have knitted the last round for the wrist, move the last 5 sts onto a stitch holder and cut the knitting yarn (leave enough yarn to finish the thumb) these 5 sts will make the thumb of the glove

With a new piece of yarn cast on 5 sts onto the 3rd needle and close the round

Knit 3 rounds in stocking stitch for the palm bit


Begin the index finger


Divide the last 5 sts between 2 needles and close the circle

The remaining stitches can be on hold on the other two needles for now

Knit in stocking stitch to desired index finger length cut the yarn and thread through the 5 sts pull tightly and pass the yarn inside the finger

You now have 15 sts on two needles that remain (these will be your remaining 3 fingers of the glove)

Move 5 sts onto a 3rd needle and close the round

knit in stocking sts for 2 rounds

start middle finger


move 2 sts from 3rd needle onto 2nd needle (3 sts remain on 3rd needle)

move 3 sts from 1st needle to 2nd needle

you should now have 10 sts on hold (on 2nd needle which will now be unused)

you will be working the middle finger from 2sts on the 1st needle and 3 sts on what was the 3rd needle but has now become the 2nd

begin knitting the middle finger in stocking stitch

make the middle finger slightly longer than the 2nd finger and close off as before

start 4th finger

move 3 sts from the stitch holder needle onto the 2nd needle

move 1st 2 sts from stitch holder needle onto the 1st needle

you shoul have 5 sts left onto stitch holder needle

knit in stocking stitch until the 4th measures approximately like the second finger

divide the last 5 sts from the needle holder onto two needles


knit the 5th finger this should shorter than all the other fingers knit first 2 sts together so last finger is less wide than the others u should be working with 4 sts total

finish as other fingers

with a yarn needle thread all yarn through the glove

move the 5 thumb stitches onto two needles and knit the thumb and close as before


weave in all the yarn and voila’ a miniature knitted glove


Lost Gloves


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miniature glove

Where do all the lost gloves go?

The ones left behind by careless owners

The ones that slide from your lap as you stand up to catch the bus

The glove you were sure you had just a second ago

But now has disappeared into thin air

Left trailing behind on the edge of a puddle

Trampled by the evening’s rush hour

Forgotten on the roof of a cab

Holding on for dear life to the wheels of an anxious weekend trolley

Stolen by a gust of wind at the seaside

All these unwanted shadows of limbs are collected by wandering ghosts and stored away

In the lost and found room at the museum

Placed in miniature boxes

A card is filled out stating the date and time of the glove collection

The owner section is always left unknown

And why are all these lost gloves so tiny you may be asking

Well they have been out in the rain so long that they have shrunk to a miniature copy of their previous selves unable to form the soft shapes of palm and fingers

unable stretch to their original stitches

Useless to human hands

The shrinking is a way of preserving as otherwise there would not be enough space in the lost and found room for all these spidery creatures

That each and every owner has already forgotten

That no one feels the need to go and collect

So the ghosts continue their bizarre collection adding boxes and boxes year by year

One day I’m sure of it they will need a solution for the abnormal growth of the glove collection

They will fill all the rooms of the museum and place the lost gloves underneath dusty glass

To be admired by all and tell the story of a forgotten owner

Who has now become a ghost and is out in the rain collecting gloves.


Monday Crafty Crochet Inspiration


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A little Monday crochet inspiration boost, enjoy!


You can find these amazing crochet sets here

I love the polka-dot Anne-Claire Petit elephant and one day I will make one all of my own. You can find this cutie roaming around here

Pug Puppy - PDF Crochet Pattern

Ooh and two cute little pugs, totally adorable and PDF pattern should be available from this clever little Etsy shop


Hot chocolate break….

amigurumi acorns by planetjune

Find this little treasure on 

I can’t wait to start crocheting the little acorn duo.



Beautiful Handmade Leather Animal Masks


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Stunning find on etsy and perfect for the party season. These leather masks are handmade and lovingly hand painted by two very clever sisters.
Get yours here

Vintage Cat Bed Idea


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I am so tired of all the junk they sell us for pets and I couldn’t find a cat bed anywhere that did not look obviously like a cat bed, all those horrible doughnuts with those garish fabrics or those over designed super blinged out beds that even look out of place on Cribs…why can’t they make beautiful homely pet items that are understated and work well in pretty, vintage homes? Well i looked, and maybe I’m overly picky, but I didn’t find what I wanted. So as I tend to do with most things I think I can do better than the high street, I embarked on this little project for my furry best friend. Here goes and I hope you like it out there and I also hope to give you a little inspiration to MAKE when you don’t find what you are looking for and not just buy any old tat! (preachy bit over)

It all started with an old battered tin bath that is usually used to plant flowers, I gave it a good scrub and sealed the rusty bits inside (it has seen a lot of rain!) then I started on my round crochet stripy pillow, the first I have ever made.
And voila’ the result and Lugubrious loves it and has been sleeping in it since the first night! I think he must know how long I spent on it. Oh and by the way, it will last him forever, I’ll just have to make a new pillow once in a while.









Vintage Quilted Blankets


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Vintage Tea Towels


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Another great find from grandma’s house, even managed to persuade her to part with these charming vintage tea towels. All in cotton and linen, they just don’t make them like this anymore!





Pretty Little Pots


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Vintage clay flower pots for a greenier window sill.




Grandma’s Vintage Spice Rack


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Have to love this little red spice rack which has that authentic vintage feeling you only get at grandma’s house!