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In my opinion there’s nothing better than a handmade present and coupled with the soothing ticking of knitting needles it’s one of my favourite ways to kick back and relax, knowing that by the end I’ll have something that I can be truly happy with.

There are times when I really cannot find the perfect present…I go round the shops in circles, spinning until I make myself dizzy and return home empty handed with crushed dreams because what I was looking for just wasn’t there, or more truthfully just doesn’t exist. I blame myself and my big ideas and the possibility that sometimes you have to give up and go with the flow… Ok, in that case I’d rather turn to knitting, since going with the flow is still not an option (not even after having well and truly surpassed the rebellious stage in my life). I know knitting isn’t exactly going to overturn the world as we know it, but still, I’d rather knit a pair of gloves for a loved one than give in to the masses of churned Christmas goods that we get shoved down our throats every year.

So well done all you crafters out there recycling the old and making new amazing gifts filled with thought and love. Just remeber, when you are ticking away and the yarn twists and spins and creates the pattern, send it off with a loving thought for the person it’s destined to, it will be that much more loved and cherished.

This is my attempt at making something lovingly handmade this Christmas, I changed mine slightly from the original pattern but these are my first pair of gloves and once you figure out the pattern they are incredibly simple to knit. I made them with Rowan Cashsoft 4ply, which is incredibly soft and warm, in this beautiful icecream blue. A wintry must have.

You can find the pattern here: